Dr. Wilco Nijenhuis

Wilco Nijenhuis is a senior scientist in the department of Cell Biology, Neurobiology and Biophysics and a facility manager in the nanobody and cellular engineering facilities at Utrecht University. After graduating with master’s degree in Biomedical Sciences from Utrecht University, Wilco obtained his Ph.D. in mitotic signal transduction from University Medical Center Utrecht and Utrecht University. His work focuses on exploring the relationship between intracellular architecture, in particular the specific positioning of organelles, and cellular function. He studies organelle interdependence and transport-related diseases using optimized optogenetic heterodimerization systems. Within the Center for Living Technologies, he aims to create new synthetic systems, visualize and control cellular pathways within advanced (epithelial) model systems, and establish a center of expertise on inducible synthetic tools as part of the Utrecht cellular engineering facility. His research interests include optogenetics, epithelial cell organization, high-resolution imaging, nanobodies, mitosis and virology. In his personal life, he enjoys camping, gardening, fishkeeping, cooking, movies, politics, and watching sports.