Dr. Sam van Beuningen

Sam van Beuningen is a senior postdoctoral data scientist affiliated with the Department of Pediatric Pulmonology (UMC Utrecht) and the Regenerative Medicine Center Utrecht. He has an educational background in molecular biology and holds a PhD in cell biology from Utrecht University. During his PhD project, he gained extensive experience in various molecular biology and advanced microscopy techniques at the Department of Cell Biology (Utrecht University). After obtaining his PhD, Sam continued his career as a Data Science consultant for various large Dutch enterprises. Here he developed various data and machine-learning solutions to improve business processes. Since January 2021 he is working within the Centre for Living Technologies where he combines his molecular biology and microscopy knowledge with his data science experience by developing automated image analysis pipelines based on deep-learning. In addition, he provides extensive support on the development of primary cell and organoid based disease models and high-content-screening assays, quantitative imaging projects, automation, and FAIR data solutions.