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Translational Plant Biology

The Translational Plant Biology facility provides expertise in research of plant immunology and development and helps to translate the fundamental knowledge about these aspects of plant biology into crop improvement technologies. Like in medicine, plant translational research is the driving force in enhancing crop productivity and disease control, ultimately offering hope for a more sustainable food supply. We partner with the plant breeding and biotechnology industry which helps us to understand the practical demands and facilitate translational work.

The Translational Plant Biology facility offers:

  • Expertise and help in designing and preparing synthetic genetic modules for plants
  • Facilities for fast stable plant transformation and gene editing
  • Expertise in plant tissue regeneration and immunity
  • Facilities for high-throughput screening of plant immunity traits


Renze Heidstra

renze.heidstra@wur.nl (Development & tissue regeneration)

Anneke Horstman

anneke.horstman@wur.nl (Development & tissue regeneration)

Dmitry Lapin

d.lapin@uu.nl (Immunity)

Sieme Pelzer

s.pelzer@uu.nl (Plant protoplasts)