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Nanobody Facility

The Utrecht Nanobody Facility offers technology for the selection and production of nanobodies for academic and non-academic researchers. Nanobodies are small single-chain antibody fragments that can be utilized as customized molecular binders. Nanobodies can be selected in vitro from customized immune libraries (from llama), produced at scale, and functionalized by site-specific conjugation. Functionalized nanobodies can be used for applications such as protein stabilization, protein or vesicle purification, microscopy, biosensors, synthetic cellular functionalization, vaccination and therapeutic applications. The Utrecht Nanobody Facility provides a complete pipeline from llama immunization, library production, nanobody selection (phage display), production and functionalization. In addition, the Facility also works towards developing new nanobodies for synthetic cellular functionalization and invests in technological innovation in the form of synthetic libraries and in vitro affinity maturation.


Wilco Nijenhuis


Wendy van Straaten